Spray Cleaner and Polish


The #1-selling, original industry standard. Exclusive Honda formula—superior performance at an economical price. Complete detailer in a can. Cleans road grime, grease and bugs without water. Polishes paint, chrome, glass and clear plastic. Protects vinyl, plastic and rubber. Blocks UV rays to reduce fading and cracking. Repels water and makes it bead up like on a wax finish. Antistatic properties reduce dust buildup.

Metal Polish


Restores original luster to aluminum, chrome and stainless steel surfaces. Restores original color and shine to most painted surfaces. Restores clarity to lightly scratched wind-screens and faceshields. Also restores shine to lightly scuffed or discolored plastic lenses and bodywork. Lowest abrasion levels of popular brands. Recommended for the Gold Wing® and other fine motorcycles.

Honda Gloss


Cleans, polishes, seals and protects in one easy application. Can be applied in any weather, including direct sunlight and rain. Safe for all painted surfaces, including clear coats and decals. Excellent for wind- screens, faceshields, shiny plastic, chrome, aluminum and other nonporous surfaces. Forms a protective shield against UV rays, acid rain and pollutants. Unique formula contains no yellowing carnauba wax. Long-lasting shine protects for several months. Recommended for the Gold Wing and other fine motorcycles.