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No. Automobiles and motorcycles function differently and use very different engine oils. They are not cross-compatible. Beyond its broad function within a motor, motorcycle oil also works on the clutch and gearbox. Car oil will break down rapidly if used for any length of time in a motorcycle or ATV.

Always check your owner’s manual to find the right lubricant specifications for your vehicle or consult a technician at the Honda dealership.

Be sure to select an oil with the proper viscosity—that is, the right textural balance between thickness and fluidity. Oil viscosity is called out on the packaging—just look for the SAE designation and follow the manufacturer recommendation for your specific vehicle.

Follow your manufacturer’s recommendation. OEMs usually suggest changing your oil after riding a set number of miles.

GN4 is a 4-stroke SAE 10W-40 motor oil known for its shear resistance and stable viscosity. GN4 enables maximum engine performance and optimal rate of acceleration. GN4 was designed to increase engine longevity. It can be used with four-stroke Honda sport engines, and is compatible with a dry or oil bath clutch.

Yes. We tested Pro Honda 10W-30 in multiple weather conditions. In hot weather it provides higher torque, lower motor heat, greater component protection, easier flow on cold starts and less mechanical resistance. These all lead to higher horsepower, performance, fuel efficiency and lower evaporation rates.

Pro Honda designed and tested GN4 10W-30 to meet the exact needs of our 2007 and later model powersports. Lower viscosity prevents mechanical wear and improves engine power.

Yes. We tested Pro Honda 10W-30 on our 2006 and older models and verified it is backward compatible.


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