Hondalock 1 – Low-strength, blue-colored threadlock for frequently-removed and low-torque fasteners.

Prevents wear and corrosion.

Resists vibration, moisture and most chemicals.

Hondalock 2 – Orange-colored threadlock for medium-torque fasteners.

Hondalock 2HT – Red-colored threadlock for medium-torque fasteners in high-temperature applications.

Hondalock 3 – High-strength, green-colored threadlock for semipermanent and high-torque fasteners.


Hondalock 1 Part Number: 08713-0001

Hondalock 2 Part Number: 08713-0002

Hondalock 2HT Part Number: 08713-0004

Hondalock 3 Part Number: 08713-0003

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